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Construction & Remodeling

SBS, The Premier Interior & Exterior Remodeling Company of Texas

Keep your home fresh and up to date with a home renovation from SBS Construction Company. We are a highly experienced, bonded, and insured design/build firm in the state of Texas

To learn more about our Interior & Exterior remodeling company and renovation services in Kerrville Texas, call us at 830-353-3925 or contact us online to schedule a consultation! It’s time to make your dream home a reality.


Renovating Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms & More

A home renovation simply means redesigning and reinvigorating the current structure of your home. Whether you are looking to spruce up your kitchen with new counter tops or you are looking to update your bathroom with new tile, a home renovation can brighten and freshen up any room that is outdated. If you’re ready to completely update your home, we’re here to transform your space into one that you’ll fall in love with and enjoy using for years to come.

Our contractors are experienced in a number of home renovation services. Our expertise includes:

  • Bathroom renovations: Is your bathroom leaving you feeling less than inspired? Upgrade it to something that will relax and rejuvenate you with the help of SBS Remodel Services!

  • Kitchen renovations: The kitchen is the heart of your home, the place where friends and family gather for great food and even better company. If your kitchen can’t keep up with your demands, new appliances can make a huge difference. Let our contractors design a new space that will better meet your needs! With a new sink, counter top, cabinets, or flooring, you can quickly transform your kitchen into the modern space you need.

  • Basement renovations: From turning it into a rec room to adding a wet bar and creating a space for entertainment, we can make your basement something that brings the fun to your home.

  • Bedroom renovations: Have you been neglecting your bedroom while you fix up the rest of the home? Does your closet need an upgrade to be more functional? Now’s the time to transform it with the help of SBS Remodel Services!

  • Living area renovations: Don’t forget about your living room or dining room. Our contractors can help add the warmth and ambiance you need to crease lasting family memories. Whether you need to add storage, want to make the space more inviting or simply want new lighting, our contractors are ready to help.


Texas' Top Home Remodeling Company

A home remodel means changing the structure of your current home. When we remodel your home, we can change the structure of your home to increase living space, create a new room, create an open living area, and more. We use our unique technical and creative skill sets to create the ideal home for you and your family. With a home remodel, you can expect to walk in to a beautiful room that feels like it’s in a new home. Contact SBS if you are looking to remodel your home and expand your living space. We can:

  • Knock down walls

  • Build cabinets

  • Reconfigure room or floor layouts

  • And more!


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Examples of SBS Home Renovation & Remodeling Projects

With over decades in the business, we’ve successfully completed numerous home renovation and addition projects throughout Texas. We are thrilled that many customers have chosen us for multiple projects and multiple properties over the years.

Start Your Home Renovation Project Today

At SBS Remodel Services, we aim to provide the highest quality home improvement services at affordable prices. We care about creating a space that you and your family are sure to love for many years to come. With over 15 years of experience, we can guarantee you are getting beautiful and modern designs that can fit any vision at your budget.

We would also love to make time to see your ideas for your home renovation project. Together we can browse through an expansive database of home improvement products, including cabinets, counter tops, vanities, flooring, windows, and more. 

If you’re interested in our waterproofing, renovation services and residential remodeling company in Kerrville TX, call us at 830-353-3925 or contact us online to schedule a consultation!

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